Explainable predictions for better decisions with CCH® Tagetik

Siloed data, poor data quality, rigid planning tools, long days in the office — Finance has navigated numerous hurdles when delivering actionable insights to the business. To help you make agile, future-focused plans faster and more accurately, we created CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence. This next generational predictive planning solution enables finance to understand precisely what's likely to happen, why that's likely to happen next, and provides the one-click planning needed to re-plan on the fly.

In this quick two-page report, we’ll show you how CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to direct your organization to the best path forward — with just the click of a button.

What you’ll learn

  • How the solution’s machine learning extends your planning beyond the limits of periodic financial data
  • Our explainable predictions give you the ability to choose a better future for your organization
  • The essential planning tools we provide so you make the most of predictions
  • No data scientist or upskilling needed. Using our solution, your predictive planning process will be up-and-running, right out-of-the-box